"THE FAERIE RING is a magical historical adventure!" - Kirkus Reviews 

"THE TORN WING is a fun read - all but impossible to put down... Lovers of fairy tales and Victorian England aren't the only readers who will be charmed by this story of self-discovery." - Kirkus Reviews 

THE SEVEN YEAR KING - "Hamilton's layered, complex worldbuilding creates a marvelous landscape of both London and the Otherworld. (Her) prose contains moments of pure, poetic beauty that ensnares the reader with their magic." - Kirkus Reviews 

THE FAERIE QUEEN - "Hamilton delivers vivid battle scenes in the lead-up to a brilliant, surprise ending. The prose is witty and rich throughout, offering a masterful vision of two intertwining worlds. The faerie lore is also intricate and well-developed.   A strong finale to a dark, compelling series." -Kirkus Reviews


“An entertaining magical-historical adventure.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The plot-driven story immediately immerses readers into the underworld of old London.”—VOYA

“Hamilton’s debut gracefully mixes fantasy, Dickensian London, and a dash of romance.” —Publishers Weekly

Review: "I've been in love with this story for over a year now.  If you've not picked The Faerie Ring up it, I highly recommend it. You can read my 5 star review for it." -Katie B., Mundie Moms

Review: “THE FAERIE RING is an enchanting novel, woven with dramatic adventure, intriguing faerie lore and a charming love story! I couldn’t stop turning the pages even though I didn’t want the story to end!” Kristi Diehm The Story Siren
Review: I. Loved. This. Book. Between the magical elements and the real world, the relationships and the characters, the story lines and the writing, The Faerie Ring is just a whole lot of epic-ness packaged inside a gorgeous cover. Go buy NAO. -Bloggers [Heart] Books

Review: "I love the concept of this story and this book has a lot going on. Mystery, adventure, suspense, romance, paranormal elements....
Great start to a hopefully long series!" -Jen Bigheart, I Read Banned Books

]]Review: "Overall this is a fantastic book that you won’t want to miss. I fell in love with this story and my only regret is that it had to end. I want more. I loved these characters, I loved the adventure, and I loved the story. A perfect read, start to finish." -Melissa, Mel's Books and Info

Review: "THE FAERIE RING is a magnificently woven tale of love, trust and deceit, with the perfect mix of fantasy and danger. An absolute must read. Hamilton definitely let her imagination fly when she penned this tale!" -Heidi, Miss Literati

Review: "The Faerie Ring is a great mystery that's filled with fantasy and adventure. I found the interactions between the faeries and Tiki to be suspenseful and Hamilton's whole take on faerie lore to be compelling. I forgot how much I love faerie lore, especially Hamilton's mentions of the Irish Faerie Court." -Confessions of a Book Addict

Review: The Faerie Ring strikes that magical chord in it's good-as-gold youths who must steal to survive but who are very good at heart. These same youths, Tiki and her family of ragamuffins are also at the center of a dangerous war. Highly recommended—an excellent family book club book. " -Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust

Review: "Fast-paced and fabulous, this debut novel immerses readers in a gritty Victorian London populated by pickpockets, princes, and some rather scary faeries." - Mary, The Book Swarm

Review: "With an in your face gleeful nod to Oliver Twist (Rieker is even reading the book) and the Prince and the Pauper, but starring a Cinderella heroine, readers will appreciate this engaging historical fantasy. Tiki is a super protagonist who cares deeply for her “children” while Rieker is an enigmatic thief who seems to always have her back. Although the ending feels more like a setup for future tales rather than a climax, young teenage readers will enjoy visiting Kiki Hamilton’s Dickensian fantasy realm."   - Harriet Klausner, Alternative Worlds

Review: "THE FAERIE RING is a magnificently woven tale of love, trust and deceit, with the perfect mix of fantasy and danger. An absolute must read. Hamilton definitely let her imagine fly when she penned this tale!" -Heidi, Miss Literati

Review: "The Faerie Ring is a meticulous blend of all the elements of a great story - characters, plot and writing. Entertaining and engrossing from start to finish, it will have you guessing throughout. I highly recommend it to all fans of YA fiction, historical fiction and paranormal." -Melissa, I Swim For Oceans

Review: "With its lush writing, highly detailed setting and instantly lovable characters, The Faerie Ring will enchant everyone who reads it. Kiki Hamilton’s fabulous debut is perfect for fans of historical fantasy. Highly recommended!" -Lauren, 365 Days of Reading

Review:  "Hamilton has an enchanting writing style that will keep you hooked. Even though I did not want the story to end, I could not stop turning the pages. Kiki Hamilton has given readers an outstanding debut, which I HIGHLY recommend!" -Kira,  Mrs. Boswell's Book Bag

Review:  "I liked that this book kept you wondering until the very end.  I never knew what was going to happen or who was good and who was bad." -The Book Loving Mommy

Review:  "Vastly suspenseful and filled with dark enthralling mystery and magical peril, The Faerie Ring will keep you up all night until the last page is turned. This is easily a five star novel." -Susan, A Soul Unsung

Review:  The Faerie Ring turned out to be an incredibly delectable read.  I guess if I had to describe it I would have to say it was a story with a soul. -Cici's Theories

Review:  "This book is the best of so many worlds!  We need more books like this in the young adult genre!" -The YA Sisterhood

Review:  "This book is going to be a hit with any age." -Jessi, The Elliott Review

Review:  "I can't began to tell you how much I love stories such as this one. Stories filled with a great plot, amazing characters and best all, great fantasy." -Savannah, Books with Bite

Review:  "The novel had a little bit of everything sprinkled into it: historical fiction, romance, mystery, fantasy, realistic - I loved every page of it!" -Ashley, Books Obsession

"A delicious blend of urban fantasy, heart-stopping suspense and sizzling romance - THE FAERIE RING rocks! Pulsing with excitement this high-stakes adventure catapults you through the gritty slums of Victorian London, the glittering balls of the Royal Palace, and the menacing Otherworld, in a thrilling tale where no one and nothing is what it seems. Deception, twists, diabolical faeries, a gutsy heroine and a sexy love interest all woven into a spectacular wild ride. You'll devour every page - compelled to finish but never wanting it to end!" -Alyssa Kirk, Teens Read and Write

I stayed up until 2 am devouring THE FAERIE RING - it was fantastic! Deeply imaginative and creative I was instantly absorbed into Tiki's mysterious world."  -Ashley Simmons, Books Obsession

 “Urban faerie fantasy meets Oliver Twist (with a dash of Cinderella) in this exciting tale of a street orphan who mingles with royalty to save olde England from dark magic. Plenty of action and suspence. Let's hope there'll be more adventures for Tiki and the handsome Rieker.” –O.R. Melling  award-winning author,  THE CHRONICLES OF FAERIE
"This thrilling and otherworldly tale is full of suspense, danger, and magic.  Kiki Hamilton has crafted a magical and exciting debut with a rich narrative.  Set during the winter of 1871 in London, Hamilton beautifully captures that time.  Ms. Hamilton’s London is grim, unforgiving, yet romantic.  This is an engrossing and gut-wrenching story of loss, hardship, family and survival.  The plot is filled with treachery, magic and deadly faeries.  Imaginative, atmospheric, and clever, this one is definitely not to be missed." -Angela Leonard,  Dark Faerie Tales

"An exciting and mysterious debut, The Faerie Ring combines three of my favorite things: faeries, romance, and history. I can't recommend it enough!" -Kelsey Jones, The Book Scout 

"A book filled with a combination of Dickensesque charm and faerie lore, The Faerie Ring will take you on an adventure of extraordinary proportions." –Kristen Harvey,  Bookworming in the 21st Century

“Bold, unique and well-written, THE FAERIE RING blends the fey, old-time London and strong characters to make a great story.” –Kari Olsen,  A Good Addiction

"If you’re interested in historical fiction, urban fantasy, faerie stories, strong female protagonists, and impeccable world building, read this book. If you’re not? Read it anyway, and find out why you should be!" -Candace Cunard, Teens Read Too

"Hamilton's spell binding story pick-pocketed my mind to a powerful and enticing place. Her creation of a badass protagonist assassinates the idea of the typical damsel in distress. Strong character qualities that have the ability to carry a reader through an action packed journey. With magical goodness, faeries, and a dose of appealing romance, this is one book I guarantee will deliver." – Eleni Xkardakis, La Femme Readers 
“The Faerie Ring is a perfect fusion of historical fiction and urban fantasy – the best of both worlds, outstanding in tragedy, suspense, peril and magic. Enthralling, dark and mysterious, this took my breath away with every passing shadow, every budding doubt and every unearthed secret.” – Precious Banaag, Fragments of Life